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Ayuda a los Niños is a fundraising group which was formed in 2002 by seasonal residents of the Costa Alegre, and is now also supported by several mexican individuals and local businesses. The objective of Ayuda a los Niños is to support the medical and educational needs of Mexican children living in the Costa Alegre. Through a series of charity events, including entertainment evenings, auctions, tours and raffles, Ayuda a los Niños promotes the awareness of the needs within our community and raises more funds towards this excellent cause.

Several members of the Ayuda a los Niños committee have worked alongside el Centro de Atención Múltiple
 (C.A.M.), the only school for children with special needs in the district of Cihuatlán. C.A.M. has been one of the main focuses of our work and will continue to play a part in our ongoing efforts in the community.

As well as helping with the maintenance of C.A.M.
 and the purchase of much needed teaching materials and physical therapy equipment, money raised so far has paid sponsorship costs of children to attend school, costs of prolonged medical treatments and surgical procedures, and supported victims of the Colima earthquake in 2003.
Just by attending one of our fundraising events you are making a difference!
Thank you for your support!

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